Class Projects 2013-2014

Here are a few of the other fun things my class has been doing lately...
 At the end of our science unit on electrical circuits, my students had the option of making their own battery powered car. I gave the students a small motor, battery, wire, a switch, and a few helpful hints and they did the rest. The only requirement was that they had to use the motor given. As you can see, everyone came up with their own design. 

 We are currently completing a unit on measurement in math and gardening in science. So I decided to build some raised planters with my math students. We picked out a design and the students came up with all of the measurement.

We made two raised planters which will give us a total of 80 square feet of gardening space. We installed a grid system to section off the gardening space, so that it will be easier to know whose space is whose. Each student will have 5 square feet to plant whatever they choose. The students have been busy researching to decide what to plant, given the space and time they have (about 60 days before the end of the school year). Radishes, baby carrots, spring onions, herbs, and flowers are popular choices.

At the end of our journalism unit, we were invited to tour a local television station. 

As the year has progressed, my students have been enthusiastically taking over teaching responsibilities. Teaching demonstrates the highest level of mastery. I love joining the class as a student and watching them shine. 

We hiked up to a local monastery and visited a museum to learn more about local history. 

Our garden is growing well. 
We spent some time last week thinning out the seedlings. 

Until the sprinkler system was put in, the students had to water the garden by hand. Thankfully, many hands make light work.

 This proves that if you want to get kids to eat vegetables, teach them to garden. My picky students devoured the radishes and greens we pulled from the garden. Then again, having a salad dressing that taste like nacho cheese doesn't hurt either. 

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