Circus Class

 Well, besides being an avid decorator. I also used to be in the FSU Flying High Circus. I talked my director into allowing me to teach a circus class as my after school activity a few years ago and it has become a school tradition. 

Circus Class 2015

Circus has begun early this year. My class is training hard for a show we are going to do at our school carnival in a month. A month sounds like a long time, but it usually takes at least that long to get the kids back into shape. Below are pictures of some balancing tricks we were attempting. 

Preparing for the school carnival show...

School Carnival Performance 2015
 The girls practicing the dance portion on their routine. They performed to Sia's "Elastic Heart." 
Our Beautiful Set

 One of my girls sprained her wrist in PE the week before the performance, so that's me in the blue shorts filling in. 

 The boys did their routine to "Here it Goes Again" by Ok Go.

This was their favorite move, the person on top jumps down and the person on bottom gets flipped up to sitting position on the bar. 
 Right before they let go for toe hang.
 We scared their moms to death, lol. 

We are busy preparing for our last and final show now. It will be on the last day of school. 

The girls made up this move they call the V-Flip. 

Circus Class 2014
This year we not only moved into a new school building, but I had a new triple trapeze bar welded for our circus class. The triple trapeze has been the best trapeze so far. It allows for 3-4 students to perform at once and has opened up a whole new set of possibilities for our class. 

Circus Class 2013
Our second year of circus brought some much needed improvements. We had two trapeze bars especially welded and had them hung from a much higher ceiling. With more room to work on and under the bar, we were able to do so much bigger tricks.

Circus Class 2012
Our first year of circus was a bit primitive, but we made it work. The trapezes were made out of metal table legs and were not very high off the ground or far from the ceiling.  However, we decorated the stage like a real circus tent and put on an impressive show. 

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  1. What an amazing opportunity. Your students are blessed to have such an inspired teacher! Love your creative classrooms as well.