Candy Land

Giant Candy Land Game Board
I really wanted to give my students the opportunity to get out and connect with some of the local kids in our community. I found out that there was a government school for students who are differently abled, only a few blocks away and started brainstorming. My students and I wanted to plan out activities that would be fun and accessible to everyone. We also knew that whatever we planned shouldn't require too much explanation, because most of us, myself included, only had a basic knowledge of the local language. Despite the obstacles, we came up with the idea of creating a huge life-size version of the game Candyland. 
 We had only 45 min. to set everything up in their main dining hall. We made all of the decorations ahead of time and I split the students into task forces to quickly assemble everything and then later take it down. I also recruited a few parent volunteers to drive the decorations to the school and help supervise the activities. My students choose to lead the activities themselves and they did an incredible job!

Our Candyland board game was a huge success. Everyone had fun and my students made lots of new friends. We ended up leaving many of the decorations for the students to enjoy after we left. My students and I are already working on planning out our next visit!

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