Diagon Alley

The Knight Bus

The price sheet list all of the stores and the prices for everything that is for sale. 

Diagon Alley


  1. What sort of things did you allow students to buy? How much did you make them cost?


  2. Again, I've got the entire price sheet for everything for sale and prices, but it's at school. So I'll try to send you the file in August. Here is what I remember.
    Eeylops Owl Emporium- they can buy an owl to name and put them in the Owlery. 7 galleons.
    Honeydukes- Bertie Botts was the most popular 10 galleons for 5 random beans.
    Madam Malkins Robes for All Occasions- sold wearables they could make like Harry Potter glasses, Luna's spectacles, house ties, house badges. (All paper with some decorating or assembly required.
    Flourish and Blotts- sold quill making kits, chocolate frog box kits, bertie bott bean box kits, pencils, erasers, all the extra stuff i printed but didn't use...
    There was Gringotts which was a folder where I kept track of their "vaults" when they made purchases or won the house cup.
    There was no Olivanders because they are muggles and can't do magic.

    That's all I can remember off the top of my head. Like I said, Honeydukes was the most popular. I have a ton of files for Gringotts. Each student got a key (a piece of paper with an old key printed on it) at the beginning of the year after sorting. The vaults all belonged to previous Harry Potter characters so depending on which vault you inherited there were things left inside the vault. For example, if you got Snape's vault, there was a potion inside. If you got Malfoy's there was 10 galleons....and so on. The students loved this! It gave everyone something to start with. Each student had their own page in the Gringotts folder which listed them vault number and a spreadsheet where we could add and subtract galleons as needed. We only used Galleons to keep things simple. Also the folder allowed me to keep track of the money without the students having to keep track of anything like coins.

  3. You are awesome! I am inspired to attempt a Harry Potter theme...would you be willing to share any pictures, activities and posters you may have? I was having a hard time navigating the RPF gallery...

    1. Thank you! I have a lot of stuff saved to my google drive folder still. Send me an email at anhostetter@gmail.com and I'll share the folder with you so you can access it all. Once I head back to school in August I can get to the rest of my files and stuff I created and I can send you those too, but you may need to remind me.

    2. Also check out my "Harry Potter Classroom" Pinterest board for tons of ideas and printables!