Slug & Jiggers Apothecary

There are twelve potions that the students may buy. The rest are for decoration. Each potion does something different. For example, the Polyjuice Potion allows a student to switch seats with someone else for a day, including me. The Invigorating Elixir allows the entire class to have an extra 10 minutes of recess. None of the students know what the potion's effect will be, until they buy it. Several of them are very curious as to what the Felix Felicis potion will do, but they will have to save up to find out.


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  2. Oh my goodness, I had a lot of potions. It's hard to remember them all. I have a file with all of them and what they do, but it's at school and I don't have access to it until August. I'll try to remember and send you all the files I made then. Here are some of the ones I remember.
    Cushioning Charm- upgrades chair to a teacher chair for the day. 10 galleons
    Felix Felicis- good for one perfect day. (Basically they get every special privilege you can think of for one day). 50 galleons
    Aging Potion- Allows student to attend another grade for one period.
    Polyjuice Potion- Switch seats with anyone in the class for the week. 20 galleons
    I don't remember the names of the other ones, but one allowed them to use computer lab during recess.
    Invigorating Elixir- Class allowed 5 extra minutes of recess.
    Ultra PolyJuice Potion- Moves student into new house (teacher's choice).
    Massive Earthquake- Rearranges all of the students into different houses. 50 galleons
    Invisibility Cloak- Student gets to take three different candies from the candy store, no homework, they can sit where ever they want (last one day). 50 galleons

    One or two of my students were patient enough to save for the bigger potions. I didn't tell the students what the potions did until they purchased them. So the only way to find out was for someone to save up and buy the potion. Honestly though most of my students didn't have the self control or care and just bought candy. Honeydukes was always the most popular store. For the potions I just had a slip of paper with the potion name on one side and it's effect on the other and then I folded them up so they couldn't be read. When someone bought a potion they then just got a paper from the right jar. If you only had potions and no candies, then I'm sure they'd be more popular.

  3. I just really appreciate how much you're willing to share of this. By making all of the different posts, it creates a very thorough idea of what you did. I'm so inspired. I'm working on planning my Harry Potter classroom, and I'm just going through all of your posts for inspiration. Thank you so much!

  4. Is the stuff for these pictures (the posters, etc) available anywhere for purchase? I LOVE everything you did.

  5. Is the stuff (posters, etc) you've shared in pictures available for purchase?? I am in LOVE with this classroom.