Magical Details

I told my students that they were going to fly on broomsticks. They kept asking how and making guesses involving harnesses, giant fans, and jumping off buildings. I didn't say a word until we got outside to the seesaw. I pointed at it and they all started laughing hysterically. Each student got on and the rest of the class pushed down on the other end to lift them up. I took pictures of them in the air and made sure that you couldn't see the seesaw in the photos. I sent all of the parents a picture of their child flying on the broom and being sorted after the first day. It was a huge success!
My students came up with the idea of making quills. Aren't they amazing? I love seeing what they can come up with on their own.

My classroom is right next to the bathrooms. 
I couldn't help but add my own special touch. 

Moaning Myrtle makes an appearance in both of the bathrooms. She has surprised and scared several people. It's funny because when people visit our classroom my students insist that they check out the bathroom too.

 It's helpful to note that these bathrooms are upstairs in the upper school hallway. I would never put a sign like this in a bathroom used by the younger students for fear that they would take it literally. 

 This sign is on a door to a storage closet in the hallway. 

 I thought I'd include a picture of my husband and his classroom, which is right across from mine. 

I thought it would be fun to show you the stark contrast in our decorating taste.  He enjoys my little world I've created for my students, but prefers "simplicity." He teaches high school and AP math and science by the way. 

I later snuck into his classroom and decorated his bulletin boards while he was away.  Then I got a bit carried away and decorated the school science lab and the rest of the hallway from my classroom to the library. There was just so much white empty space...

Notice I was able to sneak a little color onto his bulletin boards.

 So above is a little bit of decorating I did in the science lab. 
 Bulletin board outside my classroom. 

This is the House cup Award my students receive if their house wins. It's free to download on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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