The Library

Of all of the details I added to my classroom, I am most proud of the windows. Almost everything else in my classroom was created or thought of by someone else. This is something I can take complete credit for. I researched Gothic architecture to come up with design. All it is, is black construction paper glued to the window. That's it! The view is gorgeous isn't it? In the afternoon, shepherds bring cows and flocks of sheep to graze on the hill. I actually chose this specific classroom because of the view. 
Can you spot the Weasley's flying car? It's next to the stained glass window of a mermaid from the Prefect's bathroom.
Here is another Gothic window design.
A peek at the rest of the room.

The Restricted Section
The book covers were all created by members of As are almost all of the props I used around the classroom. I want to thank all of them for helping me to create such a special classroom for my students. As we read the Harry Potter series in class, my students love to find things mentioned in the books hidden around the room.

During our first week in the new classroom, I turned our science class into potions class. Each day the students were given a recipe to follow and a supply of ingredients. They experimented with density columns, made flubber, and homemade bouncy balls. The classroom really felt like potions class. The recipes were difficult and if they didn't follow them correctly, their "potion" didn't turn out so well. I awarded house points to the students who were able to get the best results. 

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